Tunnel Ovens

The “tunnel type” conveyor curing ovens produced within our company design the thermo-block group differently from other powder coating plant producers.  By this special design, the air heated in a short period of time can be rapidly moved by the thermo-block group to the outlets. After reaching the outlets, the heated air enables the entire oven to obtain a homogeneous temperature through the directional valves.  The thermo-block group is made of AISI 309 stainless steel material.  The ovens are preferred for mass production materials of different sizes.  The ovens are sized based on the dimensions and production capacity of the material to be coated.  To obtain the temperature, our ovens have 4 types of fuel system options: natural gas, LPG, Electricity and Diesel Fuel.

INVITATION November 20-23


KYIV, UKRAINE International Exhibition Centre
15 Brovarsky Ave.