Wood Pattern Covering

Wood Pattern Covering

Transferring the patterned PVC film applied on aluminum profile surfaces , this machine, all parts of which are manufactured in our company, is designed by us in Turkey for the very first time to minimize the heat losses.  The inner surface of the oven consisting of sandwich-type interlaced panels is made of galvanized sheet metal, with an outer surface comprising of DKP sheet metal cover with electrostatic powder coating.  The inner section of the oven has ducts that distribute the air homogeneously and adjustable air blowing outlets on it.  The system operating by the closed-circuit air circulation principle reaches the desired temperature in a short period of time.  Temperature is controlled by a digital thermostat, enabling maximum fuel saving.  To obtain the temperature, 4 types of fuel system options are available: natural gas, LPG, Electricity and Diesel Fuel.

OUTER DIMENSIONS OF THE OVEN: Length: 9100 mm; Width:  2200 mm; Height:  2800 mm

SPACE NEEDED:  Length 17500 mm x Width 2500 mm x Height 3000 mm


The ultrasonic sewing machine powered by a linear motion system with a timing belt made of a special profile consists of a pneumatic system and a table.  The sides of the table have places to hold film roller.

The sewing process is carried out by starting manually.  A special sensor finishes the sewing process when the profile end is reached.  The system sews in both directions.  Its motion system has a speed control.

Table dimensions:   Length: 8000 mm x Width: 700 mm x Height: 1300 mm.

INVITATION November 20-23


KYIV, UKRAINE International Exhibition Centre
15 Brovarsky Ave.